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Production Year 1996

SERIES Company | Company


カンパニー [NHK]

|Length : 74min. x3 |Year : 1996

Big Dreams, Big Business

Masahiko Date, thrust into the presidency of the family electronics firm with the sudden passing of his father, is forced to learn the rules of He turns to a friend, Akira Sekita, to help him run the company and realize his dream of being listed on the stock exchange. Things begin well, as they recruit a brilliant engineer and start work on a promising car navigation system. But the two men go their separate ways in a dispute over outside financing, and Sekita establishes his own firm. The methods the two employ, however, are strikingly different; Sekita is not above stepping around the law, while Date keeps his business dealings above board. Which will succeed? In an age when more and more young entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo, Date's "on the job" education in the world of big business is sure to inspire.

Episode 1: The Beginning of Dream
Episode 2: Those Who Are Leaving
Episode 3: Love's Destiny

SERIES Engagement Trip | Engagement Trip


婚約旅行 [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x4 |Year : 1996

Happily Ever After? Or Never After?

Love vs. duty. Career advancement vs. quality of life. These are among the conflicts facing protagonist Masao Shiozaki in this addictive drama series. When we first meet Masao he has just proposed to love interest Takako that they visit his hometown and announce their engagement to his family. But true love never runs smooth. Their future together is thrown into doubt first by the revelation of a secret Takako had been harboring - the existence of a daughter. The lovers then face a further test with Masao's growing desire to give up big city life and return to the family's struggling pearl farm, a dream Takako does not share. Will they find a solution that makes everyone happy?

SERIES Whiz Bang Science | Whiz Bang Science


わくわくサイエンス [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x15 |Year : 1996

An Inspiring Introduction for Scientific Seekers

Developed with the aim of fostering the ability to think scientifically, this series introduces basic principles in a way that is both understandable and engaging for students in the upper grades of primary school. The presenter, herself a primary school student, and her adult assistant apply scientific thinking and research methods to a wide range of fascinating questions. Eye-opening experiments and clever observations aid both in arriving at answers and in capturing the interest of young viewers. An invaluable introduction to the world of science, created specifically for children from 10 to 12 years old.

1. Living seeds
2. How Bean Sprouts Grow
3. How Fish Are Born
4. Food for Fish
5. How Animals Reproduce
6. How Plants Reproduce
7. The Temperature and the Sun
8. Moon and Sun Paths
9. Why the Moon Changes Shape
10. What Happens When Substances Dissolve
11. The Beauty of Crystals
12. Levers in Everyday Life
13. The Pendulum Principle
14. Collision Power
15. Now It's Your Turn

SERIES Los experimentos del saber - Ciencia para el colegio secundario - | Los experimentos del saber – Ciencia para el colegio secundario –


ステップ&ジャンプ [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x30 |Year : 1996

Como se gobierne el mundo natural Programas compilados que comprenden cuatro campos presentando datos y fenómenos naturales a los alumnos.

1. La cristalización
2. Compuestos químicos y descomposición
3. Metales combustibles
4. Masas inalterables
5. Propiedades de los iones
6. Electrólisis
7. Separación de gases

8. Movimiento y velocidad
9. Aceleración
10. Equilibrio de fuerzas
11. Flotación
12. La función de las fuerzas
13. La presión del agua
14. Pendientes y fricción
15. Caída libre
16. Trabajo y energía
17. Transmisión de ondas
18. Espejos y lentes
19. Presión de gas
20. Imanes

21. Microorganismos
22. La reproducción de las plantas
23. Digestión y absorción
24. La circulación
25. La reproducción
26. La evolución biológica
27. El sistema nervioso
28. Los vertebrados

[Geografía astronómica]
29. La luna
30. El movimiento de los planetas

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