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Production Year 2001

SERIES 2000 and Beyond : Visualizing a New Century - The Earth and Our Environment : The Boundaries of Plenty - | The Inherent Risks of Manmade Chemicals : It All Began with DDT


世紀を越えて ~地球・豊かさの限界~ | それはDDTから始まった [NHK]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 2001

The mustard gas used in the First World War was the starting point of a chemical weapons race whose consequences included industrial production of chlorine and a vast range of other chemicals that fuelled economic growth in the 20th century. DDT was sensationally effective in the fight against malaria and the protection of crops. PCBs were the lifeblood of countless items of electrical equipment. But the enthusiasm for such chemicals was tempered by anxiety that they might also cause cancer, disrupt ecosystems, and even function as environmental hormones threatening life itself.

世紀を越えて ~地球・豊かさの限界~ | 欲望のアマゾン [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 2001

The mighty Amazon flows through a jungle that accounts for one third of all the rain forest on the planet. But the forest is disappearing fast and there are fears that the scale of destruction is even changing the weather. Brazil and the United States were the first to profit from the jungle's riches. Brazilian rubber supported the US auto industry and was essential to the war effort in the 1940s. Later, Brazil began to fell the forest to extract such mineral treasures as iron, manganese, and gold. The program looks into development and destruction of Amazon in the 20th century.

世紀を越えて ~地球・豊かさの限界~ | 未知の恐怖 CO2との戦い [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 2001

The massive amount of carbon dioxide released as a result of human activities is increasing each year, and is already expected to add two degrees Celsius to the average temperature of the planet before the end of the 21st century. We are bequeathing our children an unknown terror and the obligation to fight it. The key factors include our consumption of oil, which began to increase rapidly after the Second World War. Oil fuelled the industry of the advanced nations, lubricated economic expansion, sparked economic miracles, and ignited consumer booms.

世紀を越えて ~地球・豊かさの限界~ | ゴミの逆襲 氾濫から脱出できるか [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 2001

New York is among the many cities battling mountains of waste. Numerous attempts have been made to recover resources, and New York's own efforts to recycle began decades ago. But garbage is a tough opponent. The situation has become especially serious since supermarkets and refrigerators spawned the universal wrapping of products and the use of cheap plastics became ubiquitous. It is no longer an easy task to find anywhere to dump household garbage or toxic waste.

The Place Where We Belong – A Story of Elderly Couple in Okunoto –


ここより行くところなし 奥能登に生きる老夫婦の物語 [MRO]

|Length : 47min. |Year : 2001

The village of Minamiyama in the city of Suzu located at the top of Noto Peninsula is afflicted by a severe depopulation of the young generation, who have left for the cities to seek employment. A small aging generation remain behind, making a living through agriculture. Yoshio Oku (79) and his wife, Tomi (72), whose sons have left for the city, struggle to maintain their life in this small village. They devote themselves to rice harvesting.

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