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Production Year 2002

SERIES Masterly Skills | The Race to Ship 4000 Cars


技~極める | 積み込め 自動車4000台 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2002

The largest number of cars is shipped through the port of Tahara, located in Aichi Prefecture, in Japan,a leading car manufacturer. There are special drivers who move a number of cars to car-transport vessels with remarkable teamwork. They can park cars inside the vessel, while maintaining a 30 centimeter space between them, and a 10 centimeter space on both sides of the car. Car-transport vessels usually anchor at the port only a few days. Drivers must load a total of 4000 cars in 2 days into a vessel, with a 12-storey structure.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Super-hands for Super-fast Elevators


技~極める | 超高速エレベーターを支える腕 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2002

The elevators, with the height of 279 meters, ascend to the 69th floor observation deck in 40 seconds. With the increase in the number of super high-rise buildings, manufacturers have indulged in cutthroat competition to develop state-of-the-art technology for safe, comfortable and high-speed elevators. To turn such new technological innovations into a reality, a group of world's top-level experts are applying their skills to the fullest in installing elevators.

SERIES El samurai justiciero (Tercera parte) | El samurai justiciero (Tercera parte)


腕におぼえあり3 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. x10 |Year : 2002

Las aventuras de n joven samurai muy diestro con la espada
Esta es la tercera y última serie de episodios de "El samurai justiciero", una telenovela de gran éxito. Matahachio Aoe fortalece su espíritu de lucha, siempre fiel los principios de vida de un samurai, con su excelente dominio de la espada. Ras ser exiliado injustamente, se ve obligado a dejar a su hijo en su tierra natal, y dirigirse a Edo, donde se gana la vida como guardaespaldas. Allí descubre evidencias que prueban que el consejero jefe de su clan es un corrupto. La lucha de Matahachiro en aras de la justicia no termina jamás....
Episodio 1: El regreso de Matahachiro
Episodio 2: Reunión
Episodio 3: Barcos de hojas
Episodio 4: El espíritu de un samurai
Episodio 5: Conspiración
Episodio 6: El hombre con un pasado oculto
Episodio 7: Duelo a muerte
Episodio 8: Una ráfaga de viento
Episodio 9: Una mujer sin raíces
Episodio 10: Cada uno por su camino

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