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Production Year 2003

SERIES Masterly Skills | Brother Blacksmiths


技~極める | 総火造りの兄弟鍛冶 裁ち鋏職人 大河原辰雄・享幸 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

The Ohkawara brothers are master blacksmiths. They make hand-made scissors, using their skill of the comprehensive forging method originated as a technique to create Japanese swords handed down through generations. In their scissor-making method, a piece of iron is heated red-hot and hammered into shape to form the handle and the blade at a time. They read each other's breathing, measuring everything by sight, and hammer with perfect timing, as they know when and how to hammer the metal through long experience.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Hand-Made Fountain Pens


技~極める | 手作り万年筆 ミクロの技人・植原榮一 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

Today, there are only a small number of craftsmen who make fountain pens all hand-made. Uehara, aged 82, has been engaged in this work since he was 19. He makes special fountain pens that fit perfectly in the hand of each customer, taking each person's particular handwriting into consideration. His skill of adjusting the pen point, using a loupe, is remarkable, because a difference of 0.01 millimeters does affect the smoothness of writing.

SERIES Masterly Skills | The Lustre of Edo-Kiriko


技~極める | 光彩を彫る 江戸切子職人・小林英夫 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

The skill of Japanese traditional style of cut-glass 'Edo-Kiriko', originated in Edo period, has been handed down to some craftsmen today. Kobayashi, aged 79, is one of them, having dedicated his energy to this work for over fifty years. He has a super skill to give a dazzling brightness to his creation by controlling the way of cutting. His work has a warm, refined, but sharp feel, that is a brilliant glass art with reflected light, which attracts many craftsmen in this field.

SERIES Masterly Skills | The Sound Magician


技~極める | 音の蘇生師 管楽器修理職人 [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

A wind instrument repair technician whose name is Ishimori enjoys the world reputation of the number one saxophone tuner and repairman, because he can give a subtle adjustment and maintenance perfectly to the instrument of each customer. His experienced skill is indispensable for the wind instrument musicians in the way of tuning as well as well as repair work.

SERIES Masterly Skills | Chair-Making from the Heart


技~極める | 人に優しい椅子を作りたい [NHK]

|Length : 24min. |Year : 2003

Shigeki Miyamoto lives according to his motto, "I am fulfilled by making comfortable chairs", and has succeeded in making various types of chairs. He is well-known as an expert, having proven his skill in the observation car of an express train and in the drawing room in the Crown Prince's Palace. As Miyamoto accepts any particular order, people come to think that Miyamoto can manage any kind of request about chairs.

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