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Production Year 2005

[NHK Special] Okinawa’s Forgotten Battlefield – The Land War Unveiled by 2,500 Yomitan Villagers –


NHKスペシャル 沖縄 よみがえる戦場 ~読谷村民2500人が語る地上戦~ [NHK]

|Length : 52min. |Year : 2005

Near the end of the Pacific War, during the three months of Battle of okinawa, 300,000 people were killed, including 100,000 ordinary okinawan citizens. 0n April 1,1945,the villagers came face-to-face with the terrible realities of land warfare: a 'one bullet for one tatami mat' bombardment; mass suicides; death from starvation and malaria during evacuation to the jungle; and even slaughter by compatriots in the so-called 'Friendly Army.'
This documentary tells the story of a farming village that was turned into a battlefield sixty years ago and still lives in the shadow of a U.S.military base. It includes the testimony of many of those who were deprived of family, home, and livelihood. They pass on to posterity not only their sad stories but also their messages of peace.

[NHK Special] The Hidden Power of World Heritage Sites In Disaster-Prone Japan


NHKスペシャル 世界遺産 秘めた力 ~災害列島・日本より~ [NHK]

|Length : 74min. |Year : 2005

In 2004, a series of terrible natural disasters assailed the globe, inflicting enormous damage. Japan's World Heritage sites, unlike the stone-built monuments of Western Europe, are relatively fragile wooden structures. Yet they have demonstrated an astonishing strength in the face of natural disasters. The Japanese archipelago is subject to nature's fury in many forms: earthquakes, typhoons, and more. What are the secrets that have allowed these monuments to last for a thousand years or more?
This programme delves into the hidden strengths of Japan's World Heritage sites to introduce the unique attitude of "accommodating nature's fury" and tradition of wooden building that came to characterize Japan's people over a millennium.

SERIES Granddad's Here! | Granddad’s Here!


ジイジ ~孫といた夏~ [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x4 |Year : 2005

Sixty two year-old Eikichi Kataoka hadn't seen his only son, the late Kohei, ever since he disowned him twenty years ago. Eikichi had already lost his wife prior to his son's death. Eikichi sold his lumber mill, and one day, without notice, he visits his late-son's family in Tokyo...

Episode 1: I'll be your burden
Episode 2: I don't want to be alone
Episode 3: Give me a place to be with you
Episode 4: I want to be with you all

SERIES Seven Duels | Seven Duels


柳生十兵衛七番勝負 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x6 |Year : 2005

Jubei Yagyu, who has been a samurai-errant for the last ten years, is called back to Edo by his father, Tajimanokami Munenori Yagyu, the Inspector General of the shogunate. Shortly before that, a plot to overthrow the shogunate by assailing Shogun Iemitsu on his visit to the Emperor in Kyoto was uncovered. The plot is devised by Kageyu Toda, who was the instructor in the art of the sword to the late Suruga Dainagon Lord Tadanaga, who fought with Iemitsu for the seat of shogun....

Episode 1 : Sword of Darkness
Episode 2 : Sword of Fidelity
Episode 3 : Sword of Shadow
Episode 4 : Sword of Sorrow
Episode 5 : Sword of Evil, Sword of Light
Episode 6 : Sword of Denouement

SERIES Let's Get Movin' | Let’s Get Movin’


からだであそぼ [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x7 |Year : 2005

This program aims at teaching preschool age children the fun of physical activity.
Athletic ability later in life is greatly influenced by the period from five to six years of age when the cerebral nervous system is rapidly developing. This program strives to nurture the development of both children's physical well being and mental well being. It is full of a wide variety of shorts to get children moving, from exercise routines that develop physical awareness, to the introduction to new kinds of movements by professional dancers and artists, and other activities aimed at sparking children's curiosity.
This is "healthy TV" in which children are encouraged to not just sit and watch, but to get up and get movin'!

Main Characters:

Kane (Kane Kosugi) has the physical ability and awareness of an athlete. He is a navigator, teaching the children the fun of exercise. He also shows off his cool samurai moves.
Ai (Ai Munemoto) is a cute little girl who loves to dance. She plays the instructor in some shorts.
Taiki (Taiki Wagatsuma) is a determined little boy. In the "Let's learn Kabuki" short he plays the pupil, learning a variety of kabuki techniques from a professional kabuki actor.

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