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Production Year 2009

SERIES Joule & Professor Watt | Joule & Professor Watt


E!気分(いいきぶん) [TUF]

|Length : 3min. x11 |Year : 2009

While humanity evolved with the development of science, we can also state that science and technology play a crucial role in saving the human race from global warming, an issue shared by all of mankind. This series of short programs whose purpose is to offered in an easy-to-understand style to reach out to a wide audience, particularly children. Each episode is presented by twoanimated characters, namely a little girl called Joule and the know-it-all Professor Watt, allowing children to learn while having fun. The purpose of this series is to familiarize children with science and technology, hoping that one day they'll be committed to activities aimed at protecting the environment.

Amazing Human Powers


からだのちから [NHK]

|Length : 25min. |Year : 2009

A science program for 10- to 13-year olds set in a virtual studio where children learn about the wonders of human power from the power masters.

[1. Are You Chewing?]
This episode features "chewing." Some studies suggest that human evolution is attributed to the development of the habit of chewing. Unfortunately, today's dietary life require less chewing, which has been tied to certain health concerns.
By introducing a country where people are cavity-free even at the age of 50, and methods on how to chew properly, this episode takes viewers on a fun "chewing" tour to show the benefits of chewing.

SERIES La Station des Sciences | Des éléments qui en font brûler d’autres


ふしぎ情報局 | 物を燃やすもの [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2009

Après avoir appris que l'oxygène contenu dans l'air est nécessaire à la combustion, nous étudierons ses caractéristiques.

SERIES La Station des Sciences | Ce qui apparaît lorsque les choses brûlent


ふしぎ情報局 | 燃えると出るのは [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2009

Après avoir constaté que lors d'une combustion l'oxygène laisse sa place au dioxyde de carbone, nous étudierons les caractéristiques de ce dernier.

SERIES La Station des Sciences | Inspiration et expiration


ふしぎ情報局 | 吸ったりはいたり [NHK]

|Length : 15min. |Year : 2009

Nous étudierons le processus de respiration, processus par lequel notre corps inspire de l'oxygène et expire du dioxyde de carbone.

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