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Production Year 2019

SERIES Story Land | The Magic Raccoonkettle


ぶんぶくちゃがま [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2019

A priest at a Buddhist temple acquires a very fine tea kettle, but as soon as he places it over a fire, it suddenly grows legs and a tail and runs away from the heat. Disturbed by the kettle’s obvious enchantment, the priest sells it to an antique dealer. Grateful to have a home, the kettle offers to display its talents on stage, drawing huge crowds and making the dealer very rich…

SERIES Story Land | The Snow Woman


雪女 [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2019

One night during a blizzard, a young hunter meets a chillingly beautiful snow woman. Although she does not harm him, she does take the life of his elderly companion and makes the young man promise never to tell anyone about what happened. Later, the young man marries a beautiful young woman who knocks on his door, having lost her way in a snowstorm. The couple live happily together, but one stormy night, he remembers the night he met the snow woman and begins to talk…

SERIES Story Land | Old Man Blossom


はなさかじいさん [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2019

An honest old man takes loving care of a puppy he has found. One day, the puppy begins barking in the corner of a field. Digging where the puppy is barking, the old man finds a great treasure of gold coins. A greedy old man who lives next door sees what happens and drags the puppy to his own field. But when he digs where the puppy barks, he finds nothing but snakes and centipedes. Angered, the greedy old man kills the puppy…

SERIES Panorama científico | Trata de hacer algo


作ってみる [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2019

Tratamos de hacer una hormiga con arcilla y alambre. ¿Puedes hacer una hormiga sin verla en una imagen?

SERIES Panorama científico | Trata de mirar adentro


中を見てみる [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2019

¿Cómo es una fresa por dentro? Les hicimos esa pregunta a varias personas en la calle. ¿Dieron con la respuesta correcta? Abrimos una fresa para descubrirlo.

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