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SERIES Jewels of the Seto Sea | Seasonal Colors of the Geiyo Islands


芸予諸島 四季の色 [NHK]

|Length : 29 |Year : 2019

colors mark each of the four seasons in the Geiyo Islands, in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. In winter, white mist blankets the sea. Between dawn to sunrise, the mist turns purple, then blue, and finally, gold. In spring, delicate pink cherry blossoms burst into bloom on Iwagi Island, with its 3,000 trees planted by the islanders themselves. In summer, Osakikamijima Island is the stage for a fierce and brightly-colored battle. Teams of men in red, yellow, blue, and white take part in a rowing race that dates back to medieval times. In autumn, milky-white oysters are ready. They are harvested from the oyster racks that flank the coast of Kurahashijima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan’s top oyster producing region. And then, when winter returns, Kone Island is dotted with deep orange, the color of ripe satsuma oranges. The Geiyo Islands are truly a land of vibrant color, culture, and tradition.

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