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Production Year 2023

Living Canvases The Imaginative World of Yoshinari Ishimura


いきものだいすき~自閉症のアニマル画家 石村嘉成~ [RNB]

|Length : 47.13min |Year : 2023

Yoshinari Ishimura is a 29-year-old autistic man from Japan. He’s also a prolific artist who primarily paints animals. Overflowing with vivid color and life, his work has captivated art lovers globally. Much like his art, Yoshinari is vibrant, tenderhearted, and brimming with passion.
Yoshinari's family learned he was autistic when he was young. Determined to teach her son how to overcome the challenges in his path, his mother raised him strictly but with immense care. Though she tragically passed away when he was a child, Yoshinari's life has been unmistakably shaped by her love and guidance.
In 2023, a large exhibition of Yoshinari's work was held. He worked tirelessly for a year to create a 26-meter-long masterpiece titled Animal History for the event. The piece overflows with emotion, from Yoshinari's unwavering enthusiasm to the love of his departed mother. In all his work, Yoshinari hopes to convey a poignant message.

I’m Still Here: An A-Bomb Victim Speaks


Dear にっぽん それでも一歩前へ~核大国アメリカでの対話~ [NHK]

|Length : 24.45min |Year : 2023

Keiko Ogura, age 85, has spent her life talking to the world about her experiences as an A-bomb victim in Hiroshima. Feeling helpless in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she decides to participate in a symposium in a small college town in Idaho, U.S.A., where many people accept the existence of nuclear weapons. Determined to hear their side of the story, she engages in dialogue and discovers circumstances she had never understood before. When it’s her turn to give a presentation, how does she convey her own beliefs?

Barakan Discovers OKINAWA: Eclectic and Original


バラカンが見た沖縄 [NHK]

|Length : 49min |Year : 2023

Okinawa Prefecture is a group of subtropical islands in the south of Japan. It previously thrived as a separate country called the Ryukyu Kingdom, which maintained its independence for 450 years. It did this by accepting and incorporating foreign influences. That approach proved useful once again in the 20th century, during the postwar US occupation. In this program, broadcaster Peter Barakan meets people who worked hard to heal the wounds of war, and reconstruct Okinawa's cultural heritage.

Tech Innovators in Japan ①Tasty Rice Straws! ②From Fukuoka, a Godsend of a Mower!


世界一の九州が始まる①「美味しい!?米ストロー」②「福岡発!!親孝行で楽しい草刈り機」 [RKB]

|Length : 20min |Year : 2023

①While the use of environmentally friendly paper straws has increased, the straws produced by UPay Co., Ltd. president, Yui Jokan (41) are made of 70% rice and 30% cornstarch. After use, they can be boiled and eaten like pasta, but they will also break down completely in soil. They are unaffected by long immersion in water and with their smooth texture, they are popular with eateries that serve customers with little children.

A new recycling law amendment aimed at reducing the use of plastics has plastic straws in its sights. Their small size makes them prone to escaping the confines of trash bags or disposal facilities and ending up in the ocean. Ms. Jokan decided to challenge this environmental problem. She uses broken rice grains that would otherwise have no value. Using such rice would lead to more profitability for rice farmers and be a solution for the problem of food loss.

②The go-kart-like riding mower built by OREC CO., LTD. in Fukuoka City was developed by current president Takeji Imamura (70), who came up with the idea 35 years ago to help farmers weed under trees. Although his idea was dismissed by management, his stick-to-itiveness finally bore fruit.

On farms, teens who had been avoiding grass cutting were suddenly volunteering to jump on the fun go-kart mowers. Pres. Imamura is proud of what his customers call a “godsend.” OREC has top share of the self-propelled mower market in Japan, with additional machines designed especially for hilly fields or radio-controlled ones that can maneuver under low solar panels. Tires with special blades keep mowers from sliding down steep slopes. Beyond mowers, OREC has also developed a device that makes it possible to erase smells and bacteria from livestock barns.

By solving difficulties farmers face, OREC is helping to make farm work easier, more fun, and more attractive to young people.

SERIES Japan’s Unsung Masters - Live! | The All-Japan Traditional Bridalwear Contest Tokyo Division


第41回 全日本打掛花嫁着付コンテスト [NHK]

|Length : 28.45min |Year : 2023

We film unusual technical competitions held internally by industries and associations to help workers improve their skills! Follow along with our commentators and watch some incredible workmanship.

Bridal beauticians show their mastery of traditional Japanese wedding attire, including wigs and white kimono, at this annual competition. They must swiftly and precisely complete almost 400 steps to create the traditional bridal look. Contestants must dress and put make-up on their models—but personal conversation is strictly prohibited. What are the secret techniques for tying an obi belt or layering garments properly? Join us for this stunning display of skill!

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