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Adults are Great ! – A First Look at the World of Work


大人ってすごい ~14歳の職場体験~ [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2006

For most Japanese teenagers, the adult world of work is a mystery. So in 2005, a work-experience programme was organized for all second-graders at junior high schools in Machida, a city in the Tokyo metropolis. In this citywide project, 2,800 teenagers spent five days at 800 businesses, learning about the responsibilities of working adults.
A television crew covered the work-experience programme to see how the new challenges were faced not only by the youngsters but also by the working adults, who initially had no idea what jobs they could entrust to the youngsters nor what lessons they could teach them to help them in their future careers.

My Dog Koota


老犬クー太 18歳 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2006

Due to recent advancements in medical technology, the life expectancy of dogs has increased, and therefore so has the number of ageing dogs which require nursing care. The majority of the owners themselves are over sixty, and their own health is deteriorating. Family members continue to nurse their dogs because of their cherished memories of happier days. The program follows the lives of two such families from a seaside suburban town: the Saito family and their bedridden dog, Koota, and the Kubo family and Namiko, who is a comfort to the childless couple.

The Challenge of Asahiyama Zoo – 38 Years to Become #1 in Japan –


旭山動物園の挑戦 ~日本一へ 38年の軌跡~ [HBC]

|Length : 46min. |Year : 2006

Almost forty years have passed since the Asahiyama Zoo opened as Japan's northernmost zoo. Although the zoo was once on the verge of closure, it has made a comeback as "Japan's most lively zoo," now one of Hokkaido's most popular tourist spots. The secret of the zoo's popularity is in the way of displaying the animals, a method called "exhibiting natural animal behavior," completely different from the common practice of most existing zoos. To explain the attraction of Asahiyama Zoo, this program highlights Vice Director Gen Bando, who proposed novel ideas for bringing out animals' innate abilities, and Director Masao Kosuge, who appreciates the natural richness of animals on the earth.

Calligraphy Girls – The path to the championship –


書道ガールズ ~高校日本一への軌跡~ [RNB]

|Length : 25min. |Year : 2005

Teenage calligraphers energetically write out the lyrics of a Japanese pop song, using a 1-meter long brush on a huge 4-meter by 10-meter sheet of paper. This unique "calligraphy demonstration"is performed by Mishima High School calligraphy club members who won 1st prize in the 2003 National Calligraphy Competition. Calligraphy is not just a written form of communication but an ancient art reflecting the profound history and philosophy of the Orient. The girls' performance completely transforms the traditional perception of calligraphy, from a tranquil and reserved custom to a colorful and dynamic art from.

[NHK Documentary]No Time to Spare


トラック・列島3万キロ 時間を追う男たち [NHK]

|Length : 51min. |Year : 2005

Trucks are compared to the blood of the economy. Transporting goods by truck comprises 90 percent of the whole distribution of goods in Japan.
Business and consumers require the truck industry to transfer goods more quickly at lower costs. To meet the demand, the industry is seeking to achieve a thoroughly efficient operation.This programme reflects modern society which demands speed and efficiency while losing something precious. This is the record of today's truck drivers and the ruthless days of their lives.

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