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Spring and Chaos – The Life Story of Kenji Miyazawa –


イーハトーブ幻想 KENJIの春 [TVI]

|Length : 58min. |Year : 1997

The spirituality behind Japan's most famous poet

Kenji Miyazawa, Japan's one of the most famous modern poet, used animals to portray the characters in many of his works. This animation film adopts the same technique as it re-enacts Miyazawa's dreamland Ihatov, following his life as an agricultural teacher, farmer and poet in the northern village of Hanamaki. It was not until after his death at the young age of 37 in 1933, that Miyazawa's talent as a vivid storyteller was truly appreciated.

SERIES Mother and Child's TV Picture Book | Mother and Child’s TV Picture Book


母と子のテレビ絵本 [NHK]

|Length : 10min. x10 |Year : 1991

Designed for children under eight and their mothers, this delightful animation series presents folk and fairly tales from Japan and the rest of the world. "Catnap Kitten School" uses entertaining animal characters to present fun tales relevant to children's daily lives. That masterpiece of literary art,"Fabre,s World of Insects"stimulates the imagination and encourages children to read.

[Catnap Kitten School]
1. The Headmaster's Excursion
2. The Badger's Inspection Day
3. Mr. Pakuri's Secret
4. The Girl on the Last Bus
5. The Vice Principal Becomes Headmaster

[Fabre's World of Insects]
1. The Tumblebug's Tale
2. The Ant and the Cicada
3. The Secret of the Hunting Wasps
4. The Mystery of the Praying Mantis
5. The Ant's Parade

SERIES Puppet Theater | Puppet Theater


こども人形劇場 [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x61 |Year : 1991

"Puppet Theater" features Japanese folktales and traditional and modern stories from around the world. The clever puppetry and lively dialogue add to the attraction of this entertaining series of programs, which is widely international in scope and represents a rich diversity of cultural traditions.
The series targets children of kindergarten age and aims at widening youthful horizons while stimulating creativity.

1. The Rabbit in the Moon
2. The Good-Hearted Demon
3. The Smart Novices
4. The Mean Raccoon
5. The Adventure of Songoku (1)
6. The Adventure of Songoku (2)
7. The Adventure of Songoku (3)
8. The Adventure of Songoku (4)
9. The Angel's Robe
10. The Little Boy and Clothespins
11. The Mischievous Water Imp
12. The Last Leaf
13. The Lost Soldier
14. The Little Boy and the Evil God
15. The Golden Ax
16. The Wife's Portrait
17. Mr. Straw-Wealth
18. The Notched Ear Rabbit
19. The Old Man's Lamp
20. The Three Wishes
21. The Nose
22. Matarabe, Son of the Sun(1)
23. Matarabe, Son of the Sun(2)
24. The Falcon's Child
25. Toshishun (1)
26. Toshishun (2)
27. Moby Dick (1)
28. Moby Dick (2)
29. Moby Dick (3)
30. Kenmun The Goblin
31. The Magic Bucket
32. The Monkeys and the Fireflies
33. The Mice who Crossed the Sea
34. The Adventures of Don Quixote (1)
35. The Adventures of Don Quixote (2)
36. The Snow Woman
37. The Clown and the Red Rose
38. The Mouse Bride
39. Taro, the Prince of Dreams
40. The King's Drum
41. The Fox's Friend-shop
42. Always Friends
43. Will My Friend Come?
44. Elfu,the One-Legged Ostrich
45. The Fox's Window
46. Captain Nemo and Friends-(1)
47. Captain Nemo and Friends-(2)
48. Captain Nemo and Friends-(3)
49. Captain Nemo and Friends-(4)
50. Time machine Adventure: Episode 1
51. Time machine Adventure: Episode 2
52. Time machine Adventure: Episode 3
53. The Carpenter and the Ogre
54. Tanokyu
55. The Gift of the Magi
56. Furuya no Mori–Monster or Leaky Old House?
57. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom
58. The Cat and the Priest
59. Gon, the little Fox
60. Gauche the Cellist, Part I
61. Gauche the Cellist, Part II

[French Version]
Théâtre de marionnettes (15min. x2)

1. Furuya no Mori – Monstre ou fuite d'eau?
2. Le vieillard qui faisait fleurir les arbres

[Spanish Version]
Teatro de marionetas (15min. x33)

1. El conejo en la luna
2. El diablo de buen corazón
3. Los novicios listos
4. El malvado tejón
5. Las aventuras de Songoku(1)
6. Las aventuras de Songoku(2)
7. Las aventuras de Songoku(3)
8. Las aventuras de Songoku(4)
9. La ropa del ángel
10. El niñito y las pinzas de ropa
11. El travieso diablillo de agua
12. La última hoja
13. El soldado perdido
14. El niño y el demonio
15. El hacha de oro
16. El retrato de la esposa
17. La pajilla de la suerte
18. El conejo oreja mordida
19. La lámpara antigua
20. Los tres deseos
21. La nariz
22. Matarabe, hijo del sol(1)
23. Matarabe, hijo del sol(2)
24. El niño del halcón
25. Toshishun(1)
26. Toshishun(2)
27. Moby Dick(1)
28. Moby Dick(2)
29. Moby Dick(3)
30. El gato y el monje
31. Gon, el pequeno zorro
32. Gauche el violonchelista: Parte I
33. Gauche el violonchelista: Parte II

SERIES Pico Pico Pong | Pico Pico Pong


ピコピコポン [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x40 |Year : 1991

This series for children aims to familiarize its young viewers with concepts of number, shape, and quantity at the same time that it entertains them. The story begins with Pocky and Munmu landing their spaceship "Pico Pong #1" on Gu Gu Island. The interaction between the puppets is lively, good-natured fun - just the kind of thing that appeals to children, stimulating creativity and adding zest to their everyday life.

1. What's Your Name ?
2. Sorting the Same Kinds
3. Which One Is Different ?
4. What Is It ?
5. Which Side Has More ?
6. Marking Down the Number
7. Zero
8. First, Second and Third
9. The Same Quantity
10. Who Is Taller ?
11. Comparing Lengths
12. Heavy and Light
13. Glass and Juice
14. Right and Left
15. Front or Back
16. What Is Next ?
17. What Shape ?
18. Cones and Triangles
19. Let's Draw a Map
20. The Treasure
21. Enough or Not Enough
22. Which Side Has More ? (2)
23. A Sign of Number
24. What Is Next ? (2)
25. Clock
26. Narrow and Wide
27. Which Is It ?
28. Secret Mark "X"
29. Which One Is Different ? (2)
30. Which Side Has More ? (3)
31. A Sign of Number (2)
32. Heavy and Light (2)
33. Increase or Decrease
34. Front or Back (2)
35. Right and Left (2)
36. What Is Next ? (3)
37. Way of Arrange
38. Way of Choice
39. What Is "X"
40. What Shape ? (2)

SERIES Parsley Playground | Parsley Playground


あつまれじゃんけんぽん [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x40 |Year : 1993

There is nothing so entertaining or educational for children as a puppet show. Parsley Playground's cute puppet characters all have something that a young audience can identify with and the situations they get involved in are all familiar ones. Set in Parsley Elementary School, each story is interesting, educational, and fun. This series is intended to add a little zest to those first few years of school life and to help kids learn how to get along with family and friends - but adults will enjoy it too.

1. Back to School
2. Polly in a Spin
3. The "Thunk" Ball
4. Dodgeball Drama
5. Nature Trail
6. A Day in the Seaside
7. Adventure in the Dark
8. Beefy's Gamebrain
9. The Detective Club
10. Call of the Wild
11. "Let's Go to Town"
12. Back to Nature
13. Corky Gets Cross
14. Stuck-up
15. Granny's Little Helpers
16. I'll Do it Later !
17. Wally's Secret
18. The Box
19. The Echo Song
20. Spring Is in the Air
21. A Morning Full of Flowers
22. Corky Down in the Dumps
23. Sly Sniffer Wagtail
24. Where is the Blackboard Rubber?
25. I'm Not Little
26. The Mountain Lake
27. Playing Pirates
28. Sleepy Katy
29. Beefy Bullock's Camera
30. The Gale Family Passes
31. It's Grandad !
32. Polly's Goldfish Acorn
33. Hello! I'm a Little Pencil Case
34. The Play Rehearsal
35. Big Brother Corky
36. Nelly Does Her Best
37. Sorry Mr.Porker
38. The "Get-Well" Letter
39. The Beautiful Rising Sun
40. Forever Friends

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