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Production Year 2005

[NHK Documentary] Sumo Struggles


土俵の上の友を追え ~境川部屋の新弟子たち~ [NHK]

|Length : 47min. |Year : 2005

While young men may eye a professional sumo career as away to make their fame and fortune, in reality, a fair deal of guts is needed before glory even enters the picture. Each year, several dozen young people take on the sumo world, hoping to one day become grand champion. But on top of winning bouts, rikishi, or wrestlers, must also conquer a long and disciplined road. This program follows the lives of three teenage rikishi new to the esteemed Sakaigawa stable as they and their families adjust to the demanding world of sumo.

Love Letter to Japan – Those loved by Fosco –


日本へのラブレター ~フォスコの愛した人たち~ [ITC]

|Length : 51min. |Year : 2005

Fifty years ago, an Italian man visited Hegura Island off of the Noto Peninsula, to research women divers, 'Ama'. His name was Fosco Maraini, a cultural anthropologist, photographer, and world-class alpinist. Why did he love Japan? Including his interviewsv, his writings from Meeting with Japan, and The Diving Girl's island, and highlighting his photographs of Japanese people 50 years earlier, this program introduces forgotten images from a Japan half a century ago. Through the eyes of Fosco Maraini and other foreigners enchanted by Japan, we discover however that Japanese views of religion, nature, and the spiritual world have essentially remained unchanged over time.

[NHK Documentary] Solly and Me


ソリーとふたり 盲導犬訓練の4週間 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2005

Keiko Matsuda is a young blind woman hoping for greater independence. Her new guide dog is Solly. And they are both instructed by Kanako Taira, an apprentice guide dog trainer. For the next four weeks, Kanako will teach Keiko and Solly how to work effectively as a team. Along the way, Kanako discovers she must do more than simply teach technique. Solly comes to terms with having a new owner. And Keiko struggles with doubts and fears as she explores a new world of possibilities. The program reveals that to succeed, Keiko, Kanako and Solly must all adopt new perspectives.

[NHK Documentary] Peace Hand raised Polar Bear


ピース5歳 日本初 ホッキョクグマ哺育物語 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. |Year : 2005

On December 2, 1999, a polar bear named Peace was born at Tobe Zoological Park in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan. After his mother rejected the cub, zookeeper Atsuhito Takaichi took on the task of childrearing and subsequently succeeded in handraising a polar bear for the first time ever in Japan and the third time in the world.
This program chronicles five years in the life of the young cub and the caring zookeeper from the critical time after Peace was born to the arrival of summer and the cub's first swimming lesson. As efforts continue towards bringing up Peace, we witness an unbreakable bond of mutual affection and trust.

Two Lives and an Old Mountain Lodge


山小屋カレー~ 2004 年秋篇~ [CBC]

|Length : 47min. |Year : 2005

This is the story of the Gozaisho Mountain Lodge, an old lodge that has stood for over 70 years on the side of Mount Gozaisho-1212 m(3976 ft), in Mie Prefecture.
At the time of filming, Masaichi Sasaki was 94 years old, and his wife Harue was 92. The elderly couple run the lodge completely on their own. At the lodge's peak, almost 10,000 people a year visited, but the building and furnishings have aged, and only about 300 people come each year now.
The elderly couple love their independent life and have no desire to give it up. Harue asks, "Who wants to take orders from somebody?" And Masaichi agrees: "We are free to live as we choose. That's how we like it".

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