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SERIES Seven Duels


柳生十兵衛七番勝負 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x6 |Year : 2005

Jubei Yagyu, who has been a samurai-errant for the last ten years, is called back to Edo by his father, Tajimanokami Munenori Yagyu, the Inspector General of the shogunate. Shortly before that, a plot to overthrow the shogunate by assailing Shogun Iemitsu on his visit to the Emperor in Kyoto was uncovered. The plot is devised by Kageyu Toda, who was the instructor in the art of the sword to the late Suruga Dainagon Lord Tadanaga, who fought with Iemitsu for the seat of shogun....

Episode 1 : Sword of Darkness
Episode 2 : Sword of Fidelity
Episode 3 : Sword of Shadow
Episode 4 : Sword of Sorrow
Episode 5 : Sword of Evil, Sword of Light
Episode 6 : Sword of Denouement

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