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Two Wars One LifetimeRemembering Sakhalin and Ukraine


二度の戦争を生きて ~ウクライナとサハリン、ある日本人の軌跡~ [HBC]

|Length : 45min |Year : 2023

In March 2023, 78-year-old Hidekatsu Furihata arrived at Narita International Airport in Japan. Despite being Japanese, he converses with his family in Russian, as a consequence of a unique life journey. During World War II, Furihata resided with his family in Karafuto, now Sakhalin. The Soviet invasion and post-war chaos prevented his return to Japan, compelling him to stay in Karafuto. After marrying, he moved to Ukraine, only to face the Russian invasion last year. With Russian bombings threatening his home, Furihata evacuated with his grandchildren and great-grandchild to Hokkaido, Japan, where his sisters and brother reside. Despite facing numerous hardships, Furihata maintains a constant smile and a witty sense of humor. Living alongside his siblings in Japan, he eventually makes a life-changing decision. As we delve into the history of Japanese individuals who endured life in Sakhalin through rare footage spanning half a century, this program explores the wars in Ukraine and Sakhalin, shedding light on the profound impact these events have had on ordinary lives.

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