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SERIES Rockie and Her Friends


ざわざわ森のがんこちゃん [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x20 |Year : 2001

Rockie and Her Friends is a puppet show featuring creatures such as a dinosaur, a snail, a hippopotamus and a crocodile. This drama is mainly directed to children around 7 years of age (the first grade in Japanese elementary school), but also appeals to a much wider audience. This 15 minute serial program deals with themes such as school life, human relationship and moral issue, etc. respectively. This program is very popular in Japan. Due to its universal themes, this program promises to prove popular with international audiences if it is successfully dubbed into the local language.

1. School is Great
2. Where's the Lavatory?
3. Kappa's Head-Plate
4. Let's Cook and Taste It
5. Queen of Mud
6. The Talkative Stone
7. Let's Go Camping
8. Two Rockies
9. Catch the Moon
10. After the Storm
11. Baby-sitting
12. A Musical of the Forest
13. Rockie is a baby
14. Everyone is Cross with Me
15. New Year's Coming Soon
16. Florrie's Specs
17. Forest Bazaar
18. Praying to a Shooting Star
19. Gampey's Birthday
20. Spring has Come

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