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SERIES The Shin Totsukawa Story


新十津川物語 [NHK]

|Length : 90min. x6 |Year : 1992

This drama is originally based on a novel written by Takeshi Kawamura.It tells a story of a woman who lived in Hokkaido as an early settler through a century spanning the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras.
In August, 1889, Totsukawa village in Nara Prefecture suffered from a record-breaking flood. The villagers left together in search of a new start, and headed for Hokkaido, where a wilderness awaited them. Among them was 9-year-old Fuki, the heroine of this drama, who had lost her parents in the disaster.
Fuki's childhood was not an easy one, but she married and worked hard with her husband to cultivate the wasteland.
However, their happy life did not last long, her husband was drafted into the army when the Russo-Japanese War broke out.....

Episode 1: The Journey North
Episode 2: Mother Earth in the North
Episode 3: Mother and Daughter
Episode 4: Women in Bare Feet
Episode 5: Women's Fight for Survival
Episode 6: Beyond Time

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