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SERIES The Sensitive Samurai Part 3


腕におぼえあり3 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. x10 |Year : 2001

In the final series of "The Sensitive Samurai" , the hero, Matahachiro Aoe appears again after having further refined his swordmanship.
Matahachiro became a Chief Commander to the Head of Kuwayama Clan. After ten years he was again in Edo hounded by the secret agents of "League of Kagiashi."
Separated from his beloved son, he was driven into exile. Though he had to submit himself to being a hired guard, he came to find out the evidence of the corruption the Chief Councilor was involved in. Matahachiro's struggle for justice begins.

Episode 1: Return of Matahachiro
Episode 2: Reunion
Episode 3: A Leaf Boat
Episode 4: The Samurai Spirit
Episode 5: Conspiracy
Episode 6: The Man with a Past
Episode 7: Duel
Episode 8: A Gust of Wind
Episode 9: Rootless Woman
Episode 10: On Their Own Way

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