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SERIES The Sensitive Samurai


腕におぼえあり [NHK]

|Length : 67min. x1, 44min. x11 |Year : 1992

The story is set at the beginning of the 18th century in feudal Japan.Having become embroiled in a feud in his home domain, a young swordsman named Matahachiro leaves for the city of Edo (now Tokyo). There he embarks on a new and eventful career as a yojin-bo, or bodyguard.
Matahachiro happened to hear about a conspiracy for the assassination of his lord, and his fiancee's father was part of the plot. Matahachiro was forced to kill him in self-defense.
In Edo, an embittered Matahachiro works with his counterpart Gendayu Hosoya. As he faces various incidents, he even crosses paths with the famous "47 ronin", a group of samurai who are plotting to revenge the death of their master, the Lord of Ako.

Episode 1: Guardsman
Episode 2: The Fugitive
Episode 3: Shadow of Conspiracy
Episode 4: Death of a Night Flower
Episode 5: Mysterious Encounters
Episode 6: The Lady's Secret
Episode 7: Love Once Again
Episode 8: The Instructor
Episode 9: Lady Assassin
Episode 10: The Revenge Raiders
Episode 11: The Man who Stayed Behind
Episode 12: The Last Mission

(Episode 1: 67 min. Episodes 2-12: 44 min. each)

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