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SERIES Junior High School Science


ステップ&ジャンプ [NHK]

|Length : 15min. x30 |Year : 1993

NHK's Science Program Group has accumulated an impressive amount of scientific material over the years in a variety of fields. "Junior High School Science" draws on this extensive library using computer graphics and video footage of actual experiments and research to improve young people's understanding of biology and physical geography - the micro and macro worlds that are background for all human existence. The series covers a range of subjects from a variety of perspectives. It is a fascinating introduction to natural phenomena and the scientific laws and principles that govern them.

1. Crystallization
2. Chemical Compounds and Decomposition
3. Burnable Metals
4. Unchanging Mass
5. Properties of lons
6. Electrolysis
7. Separation of Gases

8. Motion and Speed
9. Acceleration
10. Equilibrium of Force
11. Buoyancy
12. The Function of Force
13. Water Pressure
14. Slopes and Friction
15. Falling Motion
16. Work and Energy
17. Wave Transmission
18. Mirrors and Lenses
19. Gas Pressure
20. Magnets

21. Micro-Organisms
22. Reproduction in Plants
23. Digestion and Absorption
24. Blood Circulation
25. Reproduction
26. Biological Evolution
27. The Nervous System
28. Vertebrate Animals

[Physical Geography]
29. The Moon
30. Movement of the Planets

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