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SERIES Maths Wonderland


ワンダー数学ランド [NHK]

|Length : 25min. x7 |Year : 1998

The mysteries of math unraveled

Maths Wonderland invites participation from the audience when solving complex mathematical formulae and is an aid is dispelling the mysteries most people associate with mathematics. Professor Jin Akiyama uses various kits and devices to prove formulae and theorems, a method students are bound to find fascinating.

1. The Clever Way to Count - The Sum of Whole Numbers -
2. Use Your Wits to Measure - Volume of the Pyramid & Prism -
3. Fantastic Pythagoras - Applications of the 3 Squares Theorem -
4. Front? Back? Then What? - The Characteristics of a Curved Surface -
5. Balance is Everything - Centre of Gravity -
6. Brilliant Spins - Inscribed Circles -
7. Let's Make a Square Hole - The Properties of a Certain Shape -

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