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SERIES Experiments Are Fun


やってみようなんでも実験 [NHK]

|Length : 25min. x26 |Year : 2000

This series aims to encourage young people to find things out for themselves in the spirit of 'giving it a try', and to show that so many experiments can be fun.
Every program features watch-and-see experiments unique to that episode's Master of Experiments, as well as experiments that will encourage everyone to have a try. In these experiments we use everyday items to delve into science.
Experiments often involve failure. Not even the Masters of Experiments are exceptions to this. In the programs, we show their experiments in full even if they do not entirely succeed, because we think it more important to nurture the process of experiment than it is to get the "right" result.

1. Let's Build a Gigantic Electrostatic Generator!
2. Let's Try to Create a Huge Rainbow
3. Recreating the Pterosaur, a Prehistoric Glider
4. Moulding Aluminium into a Bell
5. Speedy Hydrofoils, I Can Make One Myself!
6. Feel the Effects of Solar Power!
7. A Hose and the Speed of Sound
8. Let's Make an Air-Engine!
9. Spin and Rise: Making Amazing Kites!
10. Let's Measure the Earth's Weight
11. Strength Guaranteed: Building with Paper
12. The Science of Air Cannons
13. The Amazing Art Created by Vibrations
14. Antennas of All Shapes and Sizes
15. Up and Away, Rubber-band-driven Helicopters!
16. Say Cheese! Super-panoramic Photos with Pin-hole Cameras
17. Wondrous Colors: The Science of Polarisation
18. Power of Waterwheels!
19. Heat Generates Music? "The Whistling Pot Challenge"
20. Let's Build a Clockwork Doll: A Robot from the Edo Period
21. Zero Friction Challenge: Hovercraft, Float and Run!
22. The First Magnetic Recording: Let's Make a Wire Recorder
23. Vibration Makes Scrub Brush Car Go
24. Gravity Powers a Roller Coaster
25. Harnessing the Unusual Power of Static Electricity
26. Making Musical Instruments from Everyday

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