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“SHIKAKE”~Ideas That Trigger Behavioral Change~


つい、人は… [CBC]

|Length : 48 |Year : 2018

You're in the men's bathroom. You see a target in the urinal. What do you do? You aim at it, right?
You see a basketball hoop and net. What do you want to do? You want to toss something through it, right?
If you see a viewing tube, what urge do you feel? You feel compelled to look through it, right?
Welcome to the fascinating world of "shikakeology," the brainchild of a Japanese professor who singlehandedly created an academic discipline that applies psychology to manipulate human behavior without people even realizing that they were influenced. Many of the issues we face in society today are the products of our own behavior. The problem, however, is that if someone tells us to correct our behavior, we tend to be reluctant, and if someone orders us to do it, we might even resist complying at all. But if people can be "triggered" into wanting to do something, changing their behavior is not that difficult at all.
In this program, we will explore the research of a professor who believes “SHIKAKE” is the means to trigger people toward positive changes in behavior.
It really takes much less than you might think.

”YURU“Revolution~Creating Sports for Every One~


ゆる革命 [CBC]

|Length : 44 |Year : 2019

Imagine playing table tennis with a hole in your racquet, or basketball where the ball cries like a baby unless you treat it gently.
Yuru Sports are a new genre of sports with unique rules that can be played by anyone, regardless of age, sporting ability, or even disability.
This documentary follows the man behind the Yuru Sports revolution, and how these imaginative sports are actually ‘game changers’ that tackle numerous societal issues.

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