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Department Store for a Day


大盛況!ハイスクールデパート [MBC]

|Length : 12min. |Year : 1992

In 1991, the seniors at the Ibusuku High School of Commerce headed a project that would turn their school into a "Department store for a day" This documentary highlights the work that went into the students' project - initial planning, sales training, creation of a budget, buying of stock, advertising, sales. The documentary follows the students through the preparatory stages to the grand opening of the high school department store and its sucessful one day of operation.

From the Philippines with Love


フィリピーナの贈り物 おおくら村の国際結婚 [TBC]

|Length : 30min. |Year : 1993

With so many young people going to the cities, life has proven hard for the men of Okura, a village in Yamagata. Mostly farmers and laborers, they have been unable to find Japanese women to marry them. When the local government organized a tour to the Philippines to find wives, a few of the men were able to come back with Filipina brides. However, as this interesting program indicates, international marriages are never easy: they require much hard work and a lot of love.

To Father – Message from Baby –


お父さんへ 赤ちゃんからのメッセージ [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 1994

How important are fathers to babies? Maybe a lot. This program follows the relationship between Baby and Father, starting with pre-natal classes right through to birth and beyond. While conventional wisdom sees the mother as the principal player in the nurturance of young children, it is clear that Dads also have a very big role. After all, babies can distinguish between mother and father by one month of age. This program is a fascinating study of love and responsibility.

Living in the Nuclear Age


核時代と人間 [NBC]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1995

Could the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima have been part of a gigantic experiment? It seems so. This disturbing documentary was made using the American Freedom of Information Act to gain access to data never before made public. In addition, the program looks at the nuclear contamination near the Hanford nuclear weapons manufacturing facility in the U.S. where there are high rates of hypothyroidism, cancer, and other ailments associated with exposure to radiation.

Three Gorges Dam Project – A Journey Toward 21st Century China –


三峡ダム大移住計画 113万人の故郷が沈む 中国21世紀への旅 [NAV]

|Length : 56min. |Year : 1995

China is building the world's largest hydroelectric dam in the densely populated and historically significant "Three Gorges" region. Problems abound. More than 30,000 hectares of farmland and 13 towns and 140 villages will be submerged and the lives of more than one million people will change irrevocably. Besides being one of the most challenging engineering projects ever, this undertaking will require one of the biggest resettlement efforts in recent history.

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