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Two Generations, One Rally – Car Rally in New Zealand –


疾走2000キロ 父と息子の挑戦 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. |Year : 1996

Blood is Thicker than Motor Oil

The hardships of the 25th New Zealand World Championship Car Rally were many. For two of the drivers, there was the added challenge of having to compete for the first time against family; father Seiichiro and son Katsuhiko Taguchi were at the wheels of rival vehicles. The excitement of a world-class rally takes on an extra dramatic dimension with this matchup of youth vs. experience.

One More Day of Life


きょうも生かされている ある末期がん患者のあしあと [TBC]

|Length : 29min. |Year : 1996

Living Each Day Like the Last

This moving program confronts the ageless issues of mortality and quality of life through a profile of terminally ill cancer patient Muneo Kikuchi. See how Kikuchi strives to make the most of the days remaining to him - even undertaking a strenuous pilgrimage to Mt. Koya - and how his doctor and family support his wishes and special needs.

Learning How to Teach


教師誕生 新採用教員の一年 [NHK]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1997

Amateur teachers are molded into professionals

Every April, 17,000 new public school teachers are sent out into the school system. Most are new university graduates and have little experience in how to communicate with and hold the attention of young people. Others have worked as part-time substitute teachers for ill or pregnant teachers before realizing their dream of becoming a full-time educator. This documentary follows the day-to-day activities of four new teachers in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan as they attempt to instruct elementary and junior high school children.

Senile in the Prime of Life


ボケと闘う 働き盛りの脳が眠るとき [NHK]

|Length : 49min. |Year : 1997

Physician and patient combat a debilitating disease

Contrary to popular belief, senility strikes not just those in their golden years, but also many in the prime of their life. As Dr. Takashi Tsukiyama reviews the case histories of his patients, he is startled to discover that 20 percent of the people he has treated for senility over the past three years were between the ages of 45 to 65. This documentary traces the case of a 55-year-old executive as he struggles against the loss of his mental facilities, examines the apparent causes of this illness, and the results of a promising new treatment.

Sitting in Judgment on Nuclear Weapons


核兵器はこうして裁かれた 攻防・国際司法裁判所 [NHK]

|Length : 59min. |Year : 1997

The threat of another war involving nuclear weapons - this time possibly ending in the extinction of the human race - is with us daily. The end of the Cold War has not brought the once hoped for peace, but has resulted in a renewed competition between nations to become nuclear powers. This documentary, containing both historical and contemporary footage, looks at the "nuclear-free world" movement in New Zealand, and takes up the concerns of the peoples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also follows the deliberations of the International Court of Justice as they debate the legality of nuclear weapons.

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