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Production Year 2017

The Doorway to Dreams+ ~Potato Power Saving Japan~


『夢の扉+』イモが新エネルギーに!?“イモ発電”で日本の電力不足を救え! [TBS]

|Length : 24 |Year : 2017

Takahiro Suzuki, professor in the Biology and Science department at Kinki University is pursuing his dream of making Japan an energy-independent nation using an alternative to fossil fuels. “To supply 10% of Japan’s electricity by generating power using sweet potatoes”.
Sweet potatoes are highly combustible, but hardly emit anything harmful when burnt, and they can be cultivated easily anywhere in Japan.
Suzuki was previously a bioenergy researcher with a strong belief that research was meaningless unless it could be put to actual use. This drove him to search for an alternative and practical energy source, eventually coming up with thermal power generation using sweet potatoes.
The first steps toward realizing the dream of spreading potato power generation throughout Japan are being taken in the prefecture where this vegetable was first introduced. A new project in this region will attempt to use potato power to run an electric motorbike. Join us to see the result.

SERIES Listen to the Earth | What Causes Volcanic Eruptions?


噴火のしくみを学ぼう [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2017

Learn what causes volcanic eruptions, and learn tips to keep yourself safe in the event of an eruption.

SERIES Listen to the Earth | What Happens Before a Volcano Erupts?


噴火の前に何かが起きる? [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2017

What happens to a volcano before it erupts? Through experiments, we learn about the warning signs of an eruption, such as earthquakes and ground deformation.

SERIES Listen to the Earth | Being Prepared for An Unexpected Volcanic Eruption


突然の噴火に備えよう [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2017

So-called “phreatic” eruptions can be hard to predict. If one happens when you’re nearby, how do you keep yourself safe? We explore that question through experiments using a model volcano.

SERIES Listen to the Earth | How to Stay Safe When a Typhoon Hits


自分の町を知って台風に備えよう [NHK]

|Length : 10 |Year : 2017

Typhoons can cause flooding, landslides, storm tides, and other devastating phenomena. Figure out the places in your area that would be dangerous, and then make a “hazard map.”

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