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SERIES The Storehouse of Dreams | The Storehouse of Dreams


蔵 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. x6 |Year : 1995

This fascinating drama is about a strong-willed, passionate woman who conquers adversity with courage, resolution, and foresight. It tells the tale of Retsu, a beautiful young woman who loses her sight but overcomes her handicap not only to make a life for herself but also to save the family business and the family itself.
The series is set in pre-war Japan. Retsu's father, a prominent sake maker, dotes on his daughter who has been going blind ever since she was a child. The girl finally goes completely blind; the brewery begins to fail; the father falls into despondency - and all seems lost.
Yet, Retsu refuses to give into misfortune - either her own or her family's. In marked contrast to a "conventional" Japanese woman such as her conservative aunt Saho who bears her unrequited love for Retsu's father in silence, Retsu takes over the business - turning it around while beginning a love affair with Ryota, one of her father's employees. Plenty of complications add depth and interest to this series.

Ryota’s Summer


むしの居どころ [NHK]

|Length : 89min. |Year : 1994

Until his divorced mother Yuriko suddenly appears, third-grader Ryota is quite happy living with his warm-hearted grandparents in a quiet farming and fishing village by the sea. Yuriko, who up until this point has shown little interest in her son, has all of a sudden decided to be a mother again and wants to take Ryota back to Tokyo. The boy naturally resists, resentful that his life must be thrown into turmoil by what appears to him to be simple adult capriciousness. The village is the only real home he knows and he does not want to leave it. Nor does he want to leave his best friend and confidant, his mentally retarded Uncle Ichiro. But all things change. Ryota's grandmother dies, and boy comes to understand something of his mother's agony and the fact that she is trying to do her best. The series follows the development of the relationship between the boy, Yuriko, and Ichiro. Throughout, the image of insects - Ryota's hobby - is thematic. The message? Perhaps that all living beings are creatures of nature and must submit to fate and forces greater than themselves.

SERIES She's Green | She’s Green


帰ってきちゃった [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x16 |Year : 1994

Although we all have our dreams, how many of us realize them? This 16 part series is about a young woman named Kaori Murata who has always dreamed of becoming a famous journalist - not an easy thing for a woman to achieve in conservative Japan. But when Kaori gets a job at the Mai-Cho newspaper, she is assigned to work at a branch office covering her hometown in Niigata on the Japan Sea. At first, it seems to her like a step back rather than a step forward, and there are confrontations with her superiors and colleagues. Even so, she says good-bye to her boyfriend Koichi and packs her bags. As the series progresses we watch Kaori struggling in her career, making her mistakes and learning from them. She is plucky and persistent and determined to achieve her goals.

SERIES Hey! Tetsuya | Hey! Tetsuya


コラ!なんばしよっと [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x15 |Year : 1993

While this interesting series of programs was based on the childhood experiences of popular Japanese singer Tetsuya Takeda, the focus is actually on his mother, Kiku, who had to overcome many problems in raising her four boys. As the youngest child with a natural tendency towards goodhearted mischief, Tetsuya himself could be a problem, but Kiku had to face and deal with much greater challenges -- first and foremost, her alcoholic husband: if she was even a minute late arriving at his workplace on payday, he would go out and spend all the family's money drinking. The bitter fights between husband and wife sometimes sent the children scurrying to their next door neighbor's house for cover. All in all, however, Kiku was a strong, cheerful, and optimistic person who persevered to do what had to be done to make ends meet, running a small tobacco shop and doing domestic work. Certainly her example inspired young Tetsuya to grow up to be a cheerful and caring adult and undoubtedly made him the success he is today. Behind every great man is indeed a woman - his mother!

SERIES The Sensitive Samurai Part 3 | The Sensitive Samurai Part 3


腕におぼえあり3 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. x10 |Year : 2001

In the final series of "The Sensitive Samurai" , the hero, Matahachiro Aoe appears again after having further refined his swordmanship.
Matahachiro became a Chief Commander to the Head of Kuwayama Clan. After ten years he was again in Edo hounded by the secret agents of "League of Kagiashi."
Separated from his beloved son, he was driven into exile. Though he had to submit himself to being a hired guard, he came to find out the evidence of the corruption the Chief Councilor was involved in. Matahachiro's struggle for justice begins.

Episode 1: Return of Matahachiro
Episode 2: Reunion
Episode 3: A Leaf Boat
Episode 4: The Samurai Spirit
Episode 5: Conspiracy
Episode 6: The Man with a Past
Episode 7: Duel
Episode 8: A Gust of Wind
Episode 9: Rootless Woman
Episode 10: On Their Own Way

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