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SERIES The Sensitive Samurai Part 2 | The Sensitive Samurai Part 2


腕におぼえあり2 [NHK]

|Length : 70min. x1, 44min. x12 |Year : 1998

Matahachiro Aoye was enjoying a relaxed life with his wife in a humble estate in Edo when he was suddenly summoned home by the chief councilor of his clan.
He is ordered to return to Edo on a secret mission. The aim is to recover documents relating to the plot in which the head of the clan was poisoned.
To support himself, Matahachiro has to take up employment as a hired guard. Matahachiro and a lady of their clan, Sachi, who has been assigned to assist him, try to locate the documents. In the meantime the central government, sensing that the clan is riven by factions, engages secret agents to keep it under surveillance.
Amidst the disorder created by the power struggle in the clan, and the intrigues set up by the government secret agents, Matahachiro's brilliant swordsmanship is displayed.

Episode 1: Returned Guard
Episode 2: Second House in Banba-cho
Episode 3: Poisonous Spiders
Episode 4: The Snare
Episode 5: The Wastrel Son
Episode 6: The Lonely Sword
Episode 7: Sword Fight in the Rain
Episode 8: Real Master behind the Scene
Episode 9: The Attack
Episode 10: A Small Trick
Episode 11: Imagination
Episode 12: Lone Wolf
Episode 13: The Death of the Plotter

(Episode 1: 67 min. Episodes 2-12: 44 min. each)

SERIES The Sensitive Samurai | The Sensitive Samurai


腕におぼえあり [NHK]

|Length : 67min. x1, 44min. x11 |Year : 1992

The story is set at the beginning of the 18th century in feudal Japan.Having become embroiled in a feud in his home domain, a young swordsman named Matahachiro leaves for the city of Edo (now Tokyo). There he embarks on a new and eventful career as a yojin-bo, or bodyguard.
Matahachiro happened to hear about a conspiracy for the assassination of his lord, and his fiancee's father was part of the plot. Matahachiro was forced to kill him in self-defense.
In Edo, an embittered Matahachiro works with his counterpart Gendayu Hosoya. As he faces various incidents, he even crosses paths with the famous "47 ronin", a group of samurai who are plotting to revenge the death of their master, the Lord of Ako.

Episode 1: Guardsman
Episode 2: The Fugitive
Episode 3: Shadow of Conspiracy
Episode 4: Death of a Night Flower
Episode 5: Mysterious Encounters
Episode 6: The Lady's Secret
Episode 7: Love Once Again
Episode 8: The Instructor
Episode 9: Lady Assassin
Episode 10: The Revenge Raiders
Episode 11: The Man who Stayed Behind
Episode 12: The Last Mission

(Episode 1: 67 min. Episodes 2-12: 44 min. each)

SERIES The Shin Totsukawa Story | The Shin Totsukawa Story


新十津川物語 [NHK]

|Length : 90min. x6 |Year : 1992

This drama is originally based on a novel written by Takeshi Kawamura.It tells a story of a woman who lived in Hokkaido as an early settler through a century spanning the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras.
In August, 1889, Totsukawa village in Nara Prefecture suffered from a record-breaking flood. The villagers left together in search of a new start, and headed for Hokkaido, where a wilderness awaited them. Among them was 9-year-old Fuki, the heroine of this drama, who had lost her parents in the disaster.
Fuki's childhood was not an easy one, but she married and worked hard with her husband to cultivate the wasteland.
However, their happy life did not last long, her husband was drafted into the army when the Russo-Japanese War broke out.....

Episode 1: The Journey North
Episode 2: Mother Earth in the North
Episode 3: Mother and Daughter
Episode 4: Women in Bare Feet
Episode 5: Women's Fight for Survival
Episode 6: Beyond Time

SERIES School Gates - a Family Dilemma - | School Gates – a Family Dilemma –


お入学 [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x30 |Year : 1991

Takako Koyama is a full-time worker at an advertising agency. 0ne day, her daughter Hanako was hit by a boy at her kindergarten, and Takako decided to send her daughter to an all-girls elementary school. However, getting into a well known Private school was not very easy.
Takako's husband took it lightheartedly, and told Takako that it might be good if they could use their connections with certain People to get Hanako into a Private school. Takako's step-mother was against Takako's idea, and said that children must be broughtup in a natural environment.
However, Takako's mother was willing to help Takako, and told her not to worry about money. A strict education for Hanako began-a cramschool, a private tutor, and special sessions in the summer vacation ......Tuition and gifts to the teachers and others also started to trouble Takako. Takako's mother confronted her step-mother, with whom Takako too, was having problems. Her relationship with her husband became somewhat unpleasant, and she could not concentrate at work either. And after several months of the nightmare, Hanako took an entrance examination for a private elementary school......

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