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Production Year 1994

Petite Hanako – The Actress Who Captured Rodin’s Heart –


プチト・アナコ ロダンが愛した旅芸人花子 [EX]

|Length : 46min. |Year : 1994

The master sculptor Rodin created his "Anguish of Death" using a Japanese actress named Hanako as a model. In this docu-drama, Hanako, retired and living in Japan after the death of her mentor, tells her story to the poet and sculptor Kohtaro Takamura. Rodin, it seems, had seen Hanako perform a death scene in a play in Marseilles and was inspired to try and recapture her expression. The basis of an immortal work of art, this was also the beginning of a ten-year relationship.

SERIES She's Green | She’s Green


帰ってきちゃった [NHK]

|Length : 20min. x16 |Year : 1994

Although we all have our dreams, how many of us realize them? This 16 part series is about a young woman named Kaori Murata who has always dreamed of becoming a famous journalist - not an easy thing for a woman to achieve in conservative Japan. But when Kaori gets a job at the Mai-Cho newspaper, she is assigned to work at a branch office covering her hometown in Niigata on the Japan Sea. At first, it seems to her like a step back rather than a step forward, and there are confrontations with her superiors and colleagues. Even so, she says good-bye to her boyfriend Koichi and packs her bags. As the series progresses we watch Kaori struggling in her career, making her mistakes and learning from them. She is plucky and persistent and determined to achieve her goals.

Ryota’s Summer


むしの居どころ [NHK]

|Length : 89min. |Year : 1994

Until his divorced mother Yuriko suddenly appears, third-grader Ryota is quite happy living with his warm-hearted grandparents in a quiet farming and fishing village by the sea. Yuriko, who up until this point has shown little interest in her son, has all of a sudden decided to be a mother again and wants to take Ryota back to Tokyo. The boy naturally resists, resentful that his life must be thrown into turmoil by what appears to him to be simple adult capriciousness. The village is the only real home he knows and he does not want to leave it. Nor does he want to leave his best friend and confidant, his mentally retarded Uncle Ichiro. But all things change. Ryota's grandmother dies, and boy comes to understand something of his mother's agony and the fact that she is trying to do her best. The series follows the development of the relationship between the boy, Yuriko, and Ichiro. Throughout, the image of insects - Ryota's hobby - is thematic. The message? Perhaps that all living beings are creatures of nature and must submit to fate and forces greater than themselves.

SERIES El samurai justiciero | El samurai justiciero


腕におぼえあり [NHK]

|Length : 67min. x1, 44min. x11 |Year : 1994

La historia se desarrolla a comienzos del siglo XV en el Japón feudal. Habiéndose visto sin querer envuelto en una terrible disputa en su tierra natal, un joven samurai, llamado Matahachiro, se encamina hacia la ciudad de Edo (la actual Tokio), donde inicia una nueva y emocionante vida trabajando de "yojinbo", o guardaespaldas. Matahachiro se enteró al oír una conversación secreta, de una conspiración para asesinar a su señor, y el padre de su prometida se encontraba entre los asesinos. Matahachiro se ve forzado a matarle en defensa propia. En Edo, el amargado Matahachiro trabaja con su compañero Gendayu Hosoya. A medida que se enfrenta a diversas situaciones, se cruza incluso con los famosos "47 ronines", un grupo de samurais que planean vengar la muerte de su amo, el Señor de Ako.
Episodio 1: El guardián
Episodio 2: El fugitivo
Episodio 3: Sombra de conspiración
Episodio 4: La muerte de una flor nocturna
Episodio 5: Encuentros misteriosos
Episodio 6: El secreto de la dama
Episodio 7: Nuevamente el amor
Episodio 8: El instructor
Episodio 9: La dama asesina
Episodio10: Los invasores vengativos
Episodio11: El hombre que se quedó atrás
Episodio12: La última misión
Episodio 1: 67min.
Episodio 2-12: 44min.

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