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Paradise Harvest


楽園のつくり方 [NHK]

|Length : 75min. |Year : 2004

Yu, a student at an elite Tokyo middle school, enjoys corresponding by email with his father, who is abroad on business - or so Yu has convinced himself. In reality, his father died of illness six months ago. Yu's worried mother, Ryoko, decides to move with Yu to her husband's old home in the country. There, Yu must learn how to deal with his grandfather, who is growing senile and thinks Yu is his own son(Yu's father). Yu's new school is small: he has only three classmates, and the rudimentary instruction is inadequate for him. His classmates are quite welcoming; they invite him to join them in rehearsing for the Autumn Festival, after class. But Yu declines. Country life is simply not his cup of tea. Gradually, however, the beneficent power of Nature, and the warmth of the country people, melt the ice that has encased Yu's solitary heart.



ラストプレゼント [NHK]

|Length : 58min. |Year : 2004

In the beginning of December, Kyoko Amamiya, who works for a post office in Tokyo, meets a popular comic writer Kyoko Anzai for the first time. It is a week after the death of her boyfriend Yoshiro. They find out that they both were seeing this same man. Yoshiro left a video tape he took in his hometown in Hokkaido. "Kyoko, I want to bring you here on Christmas Eve. There is something I want to show you", was Yoshiro's message. Which Kyoko did he mean, and what did he want her to see? To find out the truth, the two Kyokos head for Hokkaido....

SERIES Love in Kyoto | Love in Kyoto


恋する京都 [NHK]

|Length : 43min. x5 |Year : 2004

Shino is a geisha living in Kyoto. She once retired ten years ago, but Shino Sawai is a geisha living in Kyoto, the ancient capital. She once retired when she married ten years ago, but took it up again when her husband died in an accident. Shino is so called "Mrs. Meddler" who cares for couples with love troubles, wishing to help people achieve happiness.
One night on the way back from her parlour engagement, the strap of her sandal breaks and Shino is helped by Keigo, a farmer who grows Kyoto-vegetables. This was exactly how she had met her late husband Taro for the first time. However, Keigo is sceptical about love altogether due to a bitter experience in the past....

Episode 1: Love gives you strength
Episode 2: A meal cooked with love
Episode 3: The memory of love lasts long
Episode 4: Love duet at the Yasaka Tower
Episode 5: This Jizo helps lovers

Light of My Life


ひかりのまち [HTB]

|Length : 46min. |Year : 2001

Yuko, the third grade of high school, is living with her divorced mother. Indecisive about her future, she submits a blank form about her college plans. As punishment, she is ordered by her mother to help her deliver evening meals to the elderly during her summer vacation. She meets a stubborn old man named Gansan whom she does not like at first, but gradually opens up to. She finds out he was once a skillful engineer of a famous ship building company, and now he paints to relieve his loneliness. Yuko arranges for him to meet his estranged son in a bid to bring him happiness, but the two cannot get along. Yuko does not know that Gansan's days are numbered because of a chronic heart disease.

SERIES Rival or Not Rival? | Rival or Not Rival?


昨日の敵は今日の友 [NHK]

|Length : 44min. x6 |Year : 2000

Two career women are rivals at work. However by chance their relationship changes to that of sisters-in-laws. The six episode drama series presents a romantic comedy.

Episode 1: Fall in love
Episode 2: Are we still to many?
Episode 3: Sister-in-law vs sister-in law
Episode 4: Dangerous two
Episode 5: They are obstinate
Episode 6: Stand by me

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